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Battle against adorable pocket monsters

Idle Monster Go-Master Ex is a free adventure game that’s quite similar to the popular Pokemon game franchise. You will have the ability to collect your own league of pocket monsters and level up their skills in order to battle stronger opponents.

Just as the name suggests, Idle Monster Go-Master Ex makes use of idle game elements that allow you to play the game without having to exert too much effort. While there is some strategy planning still to be done, the battles are automated so you don’t have to worry about straining your fingers to take down enemies.

Collect as many monsters as you can

Idle Monster Go-Master Ex presents a thrilling experience that allows players to traverse a variety of locations in order to grow their collection of pocket monsters and compete against powerful opponents with similar goals. In this adventure game, you can collect different monster types, each with its own unique skills and abilities. In order to strengthen your team, you’ll also need to use resources to level up these monsters’ powers.

As previously mentioned, the game is quite similar to Pokemon’s format, so players of the latter will have no trouble picking up the mechanics of this game. One main difference, however, is that instead of choosing which attacks to make next, this game allows you to battle automatically, so the moves performed will be based on your monsters’ skill levels and which of your opponents should be targeted first.

Something to note, though, is that the battles can be quite boring to watch, especially for particularly lengthy ones. However, you do have the option to speed up the battle sequences, in case you want to skip through them at a faster pace. In addition to the aforementioned issue, some graphics can be quite glitchy, with these visuals flickering repeatedly onscreen.

Could use some work

While Idle Monster Go-Master Ex does have a number of great features to take note of — namely its large number of explorable areas and the sizable library of collectible monsters — it still needs some work before it can go up against similar games with a dedicated fanbase. Not only are some battles quite tedious to go through but the graphics also tend to flicker too frequently, as well.


  • Numerous locations to unlock
  • Large variety of collectible monster types
  • Mechanics are easy to learn
  • Battles are automated and can be sped up


  • Some battles are too lengthy
  • Graphics glitch too often

Program available in other languages

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